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If you find that, when you click on a ".pdf" file listing that your browser
1) does not open the PDF Viewer plug-in within your browser window, or
2) fails to launch Acrobat Reader:

-You haven't installed the PDF Viewer Plug-In in the "Plug-Ins" folder of your browser application or you don't have a copy of the free Acrobat Reader;


-You do have the plug-in installed or the Acrobat Reader application on your hard disk, but you haven't set up your web browser to find it and use it when needed. If that's the case, then this page is for you.

All modern browsers, particularly Netscape Navigator (or just "Netscape" as monikered in the prematurely released version 6) and MS Internet Explorer, facilitate setting preferences to optimize your precise use of the browser. This includes selecting your Acrobat plug-in or FREE Reader application for launching within your browser to read Acrobat PDF documents. In both Navigator and Internet Explorer, you find this under Preferences at the bottom of the Edit menu. In Navigator, it is the "Applications" subcategory in the "Navigator" category; with Internet Explorer, it is under "File Helpers," although some Windows versions make this impossible to find (it is well set up on the Mac version).

Usually there will be a line-item entry in the Applications window for PDF files, but you may have to hit the Edit button below that window to designate the Acrobat Reader application (acro32.exe or ar405eng.exe is the file name when downloading a copy for Windows 9x or NT) and where it is installed on your computer's hard disk.

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Download it free from Adobe's site. Available for 11 different computer platforms!



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