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The Making of This Site


Site was developed on a Macintosh — more specifically, an aging but serviceable Beige G3 Desktop with 512MB of RAM, running Mac OS 8.6. (Now am up to a Mirror Dual-Door G4 Dual Boot, running 9.2.2 and OSX 10.3.1.) Data stored and archived over four hard disks of various capacities, as well as ZIP 100 disks and an out-of-control collection of assorted home-burned CD-R discs.


  • Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • BareBones Software's indispensable BBEdit
  • Crea:Text, Marius Soutier's excellent freeware HTML/CSS/MetaTagging product
  • Macromedia DreamWeaver
  • Interarchy for FTP

    and those increasingly bloated browsers we all love to crash:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (tested on version 5.0 Mac and 5.5 Windows)
  • Netscape Navigator (Mac version 4.77, Windows 4.75) and
  • Mozilla (the development project's moniker for what, at various intervals, has become Netscape 6 and then 7; Netscape's 6.0 was released when Mozilla was only at release level 0.6; Netscape 6.1 coincides roughly with Mozilla 0.9; I tested on 0.94). I believe Netscape 7 was based on Mozilla 1.0.1, if you're at all interested.

Need to print? Many pages on this site have links represented by a ***** popup-window link, which will render a printer-friendly version of selected site pages.

Otherwise, you'll generally obtain more successful and consistent results printing from Internet Explorer (IE) (more recent versions offer a Print Preview and options to reverse type, ignore background color, crop, etc.; Netscape, particularly, the legacy rev4 release, has problems overprinting graphics on text and other sundry output problems.

I ofttimes wonder why, given this and other notorious limitations, that NS 4.78 is my default browser. Old habits can be hard to break, I guess. (NOTE: I broke that habit in the last year or so, turning to Internet Explorer 5.x for the Mac, IE 6.0 for Windows and Mozilla 1.3.1 ... (Actually the version of Mozilla I run is a stabilized version of release 1.3.1 tweaked by a former Mozilla worker, released as WamCom (for Web and Mail Communicator).I love the tabbed browsing within a single window that Mozilla developers have provided for Moz and NS users. Are you listening, Microsoft? Even Safari for OSX now offers tabbed browsing.