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This is one of those sections on a Web site that has great potential... perhaps the greatest potential among the sections. Borrowing, learning, winnowing and sifting through learning experiences over time, I could impart, transfer and paraphrase a limitless depth of technical info: some significant, some trivial, some original and most of it likely derived or learned from others over the years. That is, in many respects, the nature of the Web, if not the internet as a whole.

Nevertheless, it shall begin, and likely endure, as the section that will trail the others in development for the immediate future. The previous version of this site drew the least from this area, so "Tech and Techniques" is the newest and freshest ... and shall begin, apologetically, most wanting for substance.

This section will include entries on technologies and techniques that are general to publishing, as well as specific to the Internet, particularly the Web, and also those that a print-publishing specific.

Topics will include:

  • Colors: Why your printer has no clue what "Red" is
  • Java and JavaScript
  • (PDF): Portable Document Format - Its Roots and Benefits
  • Text Formats for Transport and Conversion
  • Graphic File Formats for Export and Conversion
  • Desktop Publishing and Service Bureaus: Quark, RSG, PageMaker and InDesign (and NOT Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher)

Be patient, and I'll try to populate this, even if it is mostly with links to info sources I have found to be of value.