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Two family photos taken at the Robert & Bettye Barnes homestead in Madison, Wisconsin

ONE SPECIAL CHRISTIAN COUPLE begat four loved offspring two generations ago who, in turn, continued to grow God's kingdom as you see below.
TECHNICAL NOTE: The following digital photos were taken on Saturday, July 13, 2002. The posted images were taken in RAW format and touched up/merged with alternate exposures as necessary to yield the JPEG images and expressions below. The downloadable images posted along the left edge of the page are suitable for output to most color inkjet printers; output to RC paper at photo labs requires ordering the TIFF versions on CD-R.  


Complete Collection Photo (JPEG, 330k)

Bob and Bettye with Young-Uns (JPEG, 325k)

The above images are lossy JPEGs; uncompressed TIFF versions derived from the original RAW file (9MB each, too large for Net Download) can be burned to a CD-R for use at photo labs, if desired.
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The Complete Barnes Collection, circa 2002.

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Bob and Bettye with the young-uns.

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