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Who Killed Allan Shafer?

Remember Allan Shafer? You likely don’t, but his jersey (actually his number 83) was recently retired by the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department. One of a select few. And the only Badger football player to die in action on the gridiron. His untimely death, even after all these years, deserves more than a passing notice.

Some Things Can't Be Taught

That's it
Although it borders on fundamental, the understanding of file formats—and how to use them to optimally convert, transport and use files — is not widely understood nor well applied. Perhaps part of the reason for this is that it is not easily taught to an audience that likely has little interest in learning the value of such understanding, anyway.

The Beauty of PostScript

Xdeskify What's that?
Page description languages as art? John Warnock's most distinctive contribution to mankind and Westen culture? Most people live without it, or without knowing they are using it but, unlike the legacy notion of "P.S.", it is more than any mere afterthought. Without it, the desktop-publishing revolution might never have happened. Or succeeded.

The Meaning, Richness of Words

Our growing cultural casualness behind important concepts is slowly eroding the value of the words we speak and of our language itself. We must not allow our words to lose meaninging.

eXalTerNet has a new look, at least at its front-most face. What say you?

 Track the Cost

Do you ever need an easy, friendly way to track your expenses — be they personal or business? Take a look inside, for a likely solution, made easy with FileMaker®.

Look no further.


 A Weighty Subject

Pulp, Not Fiction: Ever wanted to understand what is meant by the term "20-pound bond" or "70-pound text?"

The following text provides a true bonding experience.


 Why Not One Design?

Yeh, it’s my site ... but a rather uneven Website for a guy who designs Websites professionally. Why not host a single, consistent look?

Find out why I tout so many different page designs throughout this site.





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