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This is just the beginning, so stay tuned. Reference Links from other categories will be popping up soon. NOTE: All reference links will open in a new window, so just close that window when done to return to this page.

    For efficiencies of space, PDF links can be found on the PDF page.
  Transform's Look at Compact Image Formats Doug Henschen wrote this article, which appeared in the Aug. 2001 issue of Transform magazine (formerly Imaging & Document Solutions). This is a very focused overview of TIFF Group IV, JPEG, PDF and two emerging "wavelet" compression formats, DjVu and Lura-Document.
  The Graphics File Format Page This site contains specifications for various graphics file formats; along with a number of relevant graphics utilities, information, and URLs.
  CICA Graphics List Image File Formats This document from the Center for Innovative Computer Applications contains a list of many of the most common image file formats.
  Graphic File Formats Definitions of common interchange formats for graphic files, formats originating from specific applications, formats designed for high compression, as well as special-purpose formats.
  Standard File Formats: By General Category Covers file formats in numerous categories, including: Bitmap/Image, Animation, Music/Sound, Word Processor, Database/spreadsheet, Executable, GIS-Related, and Archiving.
  File Formats & Utilities That Handle Them Stack's Various File Formats - and How to Deal With Them.
  CSS Layout Techniques If you are making the transition to CSS layout (that's Cascading Style Sheets), this site catalogues many useful cross-browser CSS layout techniques as I can find. All the examples on this site have been reduced to only their essential code, and the source is displayed on each page to make it quick and easy to understand the inner workings of the CSS.
  Special Characters Gamba's listing of special-character codes ASCII numbering conventions for use in HTML for use on the World Wide Web.
  A List Apart This is one incredibly valuable Website for people who design Websites. It is ambitious with its use of Cascading Style Sheets, yet works on all graphical browsers, even Netscape 4.x releases. Well documented, well discussed, graphically lively without being excessive. A bit geeky, but still a friendly technical site.
  Net Mechanic HTML code help, a good site to check tags and links. Services (you have to pay for many of the beyond-demo services) include identifying Website errors, optimizing your search-engine results, and site monitoring.
  WebReference A reference library for Webmasters, with Web-authoring tips and tutorials.
  The 5k Organization This site began with a contest to see how much of a Web page could be designed into no more than 5k (that's right, 5000 bytes) of code. The results are quite enlightening, even entertaining.
  Sizzling HTML - Code by Example This section describes how to create forms within HTML documents. Forms are used to gain information from the reader such as feedback, an on-line order for goods, database entry or subscription to a mailing list. Sections are divided between how to place a form on the page (the easy part) and how to get it to return some results (the not so easy part!).
a Apple® Web Site A logical place to begin an Apple reference. Includes sections on QuickTime, Java and lots of downloadable system updates. A very clean and readable site to boot.
a Apple® Seminars & Events A good place to get information on both free and fee-based events and training conducted or sponsored by Apple.
a Big Nerd Ranch Resources from a developer, with an emphasis on the new, UNIX-based, OS X®
a MacScripter A good resource for information on AppleScript®, a powerful, friendly system-level scripting technology that Windows must wish it had. (Yes, I know about Visual Basic and ActiveX; the closest Windows comes to this would be .INF scripts.) Downloadable AppleScripts are also onboard.
a Mac Driver Museum A repository of drivers for Mac users and their systems, both old and new, including third-party links.
w Microsoft Web Site The logical place to start for reference and software links for Microsoft's many iterations and variations of its operating systems and application software.
w Scott Finnie's Windows Reference Site written and maintained by Scott Finnie, formerly of the now-defunct WinMag magazine. Tips, useful info, a newsletter, and links to key back issues of WinMag.
w Driver Guide A good resource for Windows and third-party drivers, including printer drivers, CD-ROM drivers, modem drivers, etc. Another good driver resource is WinDrivers.
w Tech Republic A very good technical resource for LAN support, helpdesk, tech consultants and Windows geeks in general. Although not exclusively a Windows site, it is primarily one, reflecting the installed base of the markets it serves.
w Windows Annoyances Cynical thought it may sound, this is a very good site, if not in places a bit dated, that began as a Win95-only site and now extends to newer releases. Covers what is annoying about Windows at various levels, and explains what you can do about these klunky and problematic annoyances in Windows operating systems.

Be patient, and I'll try to populate this yet further, even if it is mostly with links to favorite links of value to me in particular. (And why wouldn't I do that?) ... 07 Nov 2001 .. dB link added 29 June 2004