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Making Data Useful in Daily Life... for Tracking Expenses

Expense Tracker™ - Easy tracking, categorizing and reporting

A sample invoice layout in FileMakerTrack expenses easily, clearly and in a straightforward fashion...and, from someone who originally designed it for his own family to use. My family and I use it in variouis ways. One copy of the file trackers nonrecurring and discretionary expenses not specifically budgeted. Another copy tracks business related expenses. It's flexible and friendly.

ExpenseTracker.FP5 is a FileMaker database with everything thought-out from entry to categories to reports...yet it still allows you to customize categories and searches.

And, for a limited time, is available as shareware for just $19.99. Now you can buy it here with PayPal®. It’s been upgraded to version 1.12, complete with sales tax calculation and sorted report generation.

This database offers the following layouts, to make it easy to view or enter data as is most meaningful to you:

  • -Main Menu. Choose where you want to go.
  • -Setup. A layout that makes it easy for you to change value lists, categories and even the naming of your panel displays.
  • -Entry. The most fields for detail in your expense data entry.
  • -List. A list view of your expense records. Click on a record, it's highlighted white; click on its arrow, and you're back to the more detailed Entry view.
  • -Search/Find. A full-featured search by single or multiple categories.
  • -Search Results. A custom layout dedicated to the results of any search you conduct from the Search/Find layout.
  • -Category Report. Pre-scripted from button or taba to give you a clear, pre-sorted by category report of your expenses. All or them, or pre-narrowed from your search.
  • -Vendor Report. Pre-scripted as above, except first sorted by vendor/retailer and then by category.
  • -Developer Layout. The ability, for those who dare, to further customize developer fields and tab functions/identification.


This database is useful for domestic applications or small business expense tracking....And with the ease of use that has made FileMaker legendary.
Expense Tracker isn't a checking-account database, although it does allow you to include and track checks. It isn't a General Ledger application (not for this price, it isn't). But it makes it easy for anyone to track expenses, without prior knowledge of accounting or double-entry techniques. And for the more ambitioius FileMaker user, you can make it relate to any other relevant Filemaker files, or those I hope to post here over time.

Yet, it will also serve you well as a stand-alone datafile. As an introductory offer, you can unlock it and use/edit the entire database for only $24.99 19.99 -- for a limited time.

(Wisconsin residents must add 5.5% sales tax.)

EXPENSETRACKER.FP5. Requires FileMaker version 5.0 or greater. Compatible for both WIndows and Mac.


2006 UPDATE! Resource Systems now makes the latest version 1.12 demo of this file available to the public for evaluation. Stay tuned for more custom databases to be posted on this site.