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Welcome to a directory of eXalTer.Net's "Technical" pages. Kind of a specialized subsection home page. But then again, perhaps less, perhaps more.

Should you rather return to the broader, but less exhaustively specific listing, then you can return to the Exalter.Net Home Page; but if you are still reading this paragraph, you have chosen not to.

Although this current paragraph borders more on the design level than the technical, have you noticed a conspicuous lack of consistency in the look of pages throughout this site? As a Web designer, why would I break that rule? What purpose would it serve visitors to this site who might hold, as a side motive, consideration for hiring me to design a site? Ponder that as you view pages in this site, some of which are actually in the Resource Systems section (oh no: another deviation from standard practice!)

>>Axiomatic About Data. When it comes to understanding data, upon what hierarchy do you build? What is more important, if your long-term desire is to obtain information? Even wisdom (oh-oh, now I'm bordering on theology again...)

>>The Beauty of PostScript. There's more to Adobe's wonderful PostScript (.PS) technology than merely a more complicated competitor to HP's PCL. Without .PS, we would not have PDF, nor Apple's lustrous Quartz layer, for that matter. We might not even have benefitted from the impassionend teaching of John Deubert, either.

>>Create in Context. Creativity, and the necessary juices that flow from it, a vital to all publishing, design and development. Do you have to start with a blank page?

>>Data Basics or Databasics? A beginning look with my understanding of database design and why I prefer to use FileMaker®.

>>The Richness of Words Must Prevail. The English language has been blessed with a richness from many other tongues, but has suffered neglect and from cultural carelessness. Some words are even losing their meaning. A less technical treatise, and certainly not digitally or binary focused. But there are technical aspects to the appreciation of language.

>>A Look at File Formats. A high-level discussion of file formats, limited in this earlier treatise to graphic formats, and more generally, to a discussion of the difference between raster and vector formats. At this level, teaching on formats can be readily conveyed (less so with a page link described a couple links down).

>>Helper Page for Acrobat Novices. A support page, with a visual reference, to help those unfamiliar with using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader within a browser.

>>Some Things Can't Be Taught. It grieves me to even suggest such an outrageous notion, but experience in file formats and explaining why conversions are necessary and how you go about doing that increasingly has led me to this conclusion.

>>Web, et al. Developer Daily News Feed. A convenient page with a daily news feed for developers and others of the programming ilk.

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