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>>The Cost of Tolerance. When you consider that the word implies something only a bit kinder than indifference, did not God perhaps call us to a more active, healing kind of calling?

>>Are We All Bozos On This Bus? The first thought-provoking article in the site's "Theology Askew?" series, this explores the possible value of applying Firesign Theatre's famous album title to a seemingly unlikely theological inquiry.

>>God Not As Religion. Religion might be God-ordained, or perhaps merely Man's attempt to institutionalize what should be personal first, and shared secondly. But certainly more than "incorporated" for corporate gatherings of worship and more spirit-guided than merely ritualized.

>>The Richness of Words Must Prevail. The English language has been blessed with a richness from many other tongues, but has suffered neglect and from cultural carelessness. Some words are even losing their meaning.

>>ExalterBlog. A kind of blog from your host site. All too infrequently updated, but you never know when a new thought might augment otherwise legacy discourses of brevity but insight(?)

>>Helper Page for Acrobat Novices. A support page, with a visual reference, to help those unfamiliar with using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader within a browser.

>>Insider II: Who We Are And Why It All Matters. If this page is ever completed, it may matter as well.

>>To Be Completed When Something Appropriate Is Penned. For a time in the future. Hopefully yet in my lifetime.

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