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Welcome to ExalterNet's Inside Pages: the section for pages that currently are not of a section unto themelves or each other. Not unlike the NCAA's collegiate ranks of unconferenced teams.

But you're in luck at Exalter.Net; we have some independent pages that may hold their own, unique merit. Consider the following:

>>Some Things Can't Be Taught. A look at why most computer users don't understand, or even begin to appreciate, the important nuances fundamental to file formats. And, more importantly in this brief treatise, why it's virtually impossible to teach, anyway.

>>Are We All Bozos On This Bus? The first thought-provoking article in the site's "Theology Askew?" series, this explores the possible value of applying Firesign Theatre's famous album title to a seemingly unlikely theological inquiry.

>>CarciNews Network. With the closing of the National Carcinoid Support Group, this page is an informal, unnoffical reference and resource remnant for the benefit of those who had grown accustomed to a whole site of info concerning this rare form of cancer.

>>Crazy Be Our English. A reprint rather than an original thought on this subject. The original is good enough, so why bother writing my own?

>>ExalterBlog. A collection of commentaries, brief observations, and variegated blat on matter of life, sports, institutions, politics, crime and other nonsense. An ever-increasing number of Web sites and authors are spewing forth with their version of a Web log, or blog. Why not ExalterNet as well?

>>Odd Even Are We. A pictorial and textual update of what’ up with the family on the farm.

>>Insider II: Who We Are And Why It All Matters. If this page is ever completed, it may matter as well.

>>Mom: A Tribute. A strong, unconditionally loving mother was a blessing to my dad, sister and me, and I still hurt when I think of the missed opportunities to do and say to her that which I still feel I need to.

>>Why So Many Designs? A cursory look at why this Web site has so many different designs running within it.

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